Are Instagram Captions the New Blog Post?

As an artist, Instagram (IG) is my jam. It’s an almost exclusively visual platform. I’m discovering a great community of artists— both local and global, and (in my experience) I’ve found little to none of the negative, complaining, "Debbie-downer" type folks that seem to saturate Facebook groups. (And yes, I’m aware that Facebook now owns IG, but it’s still a different type of social media platform with a completely different feel to it. And I like the feel of IG better than Facebook. #sorrynotsorry)

Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash.

I had been noticing lately that IG captions are becoming longer and longer. Several influencers and artists I follow write approximately 200+ words in their caption all the time. It’s like a mini blog post in and of itself. I’m an artist first, not primarily a blogger, and this whole blogging thing is new to me as well, so sometimes when I’m writing out drafts for blog posts, I only have about 200-300 words to share. And I think, "Heck, why even write a blog post at all? I could just put it into an Instagram caption!" (And sometimes, it feels like I’d get more engagement with IG anyways.) I recently read an article on Later’s blog that confirms what I had been noticing. It said that IG captions are becoming much longer than before— on average 405 characters, or about 65-70 words long. The average isn’t quite the 200+ words I’ve seen but caption length has been steadily increasing since 2016. So maybe we’ll all catch up to these 200+ word trail blazers soon. And when that happens... will IG captions become the new blog post? We’ve already shortened a bunch of web conversation to the 140-280 character limit of Twitter. And now that you can buy directly from IG, one almost doesn’t even need a website anymore, just an IG account. Post a photo with a long caption, and wham-o! You have yourself a mini blog post. Ok, maybe blogging isn’t dead. I have no idea about Internet or tech trends, so maybe IG captions won’t ever replace blogs. There are circumstances for writing lengthy blog articles. And I suppose there is still an audience to read them too.

I’m trying to write a blog to accompany my art so that I can chronicle my journey to becoming an artist and starting a business. But also, I’m doing it because everything everywhere I read about promoting and marketing your art says to WRITE A BLOG. So I’m trying. And I’ll keep trying, even though sometimes I wonder if it’s really necessary.

Thank you, Reader, for sticking with me on a blog article doubting blog articles. I aim to remain blogging, and we’ll see what happens, but in the meantime, just be aware that I hang out on IG way more often. So please visit me there @19paperlane and say hi!

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