Introducing the 100 Flowers Project

So I must just love long, tedious projects and lists, because even though I’m currently working my way through the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge and completing a papercut book cover for each title as I read them, I recently decided to add another challenge for myself: papercut 100 flowers.

That’s right, I said "one hundred." I created my own list of 100 common flowers and am starting to draw and cut them out. Mainly, I wanted a way to practice drawing and cutting flowers. I’ve enjoyed floral designs in other papercuts and need to come up with something else to cut that I could actually sell— not everyone is a Rory Gilmore-obsessed book nerd like me.

I considered doing 100 flowers for a 100-day project, (see #THE100DAYSPROJECT) but unfortunately, the 100-day project calls for you to complete it in, well, 100 days (duh). And while that sounds like a really fun challenge that I definitely want to do one day, I am simply not in a spot right now in my life where I can commit to papercutting every day. So, the 100-day project will have to wait, but I’ll slowly be working my way through this list of 100 flowers, however long it will take me.

Claude Monet once said, "I must have flowers, always, and always." Me too, Claude, me too. I love to papercut flowers. Do you love flowers in your art?

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