#MarchMeettheMaker Instagram Challenge

The Instagram Challenge

Designer and illustrator Joanne Hawker created a March Instagram challenge called "Meet the Maker" (#MarchMeettheMaker). I participated in it last year, and it was a lot of fun, so I’m doing it again this year!

Joanne comes up with prompts for Instagram posts for each day of the month, and they all have to do with getting to know the maker behind art, crafts, or whatever it is people make. That means you’ll get to find out more about me and about papercutting this month if you follow me on the IG. (Whose excited? I’m excited!)

I love these IG challenge because it’s fun to think of creative ways to fit the prompt but also it’s nice not to have to come up with a post topic myself. You can see the full list of prompts in the picture below.

For some of the more fun prompts, I’ll also write an accompanying blog post for the prompt. This will be shorter than your average blog article, but longer than the Instagram caption. Just a chance for interested readers like yourself to find out a little bit more about myself, my art, and the start of 19 PAPER LANE.

Day 1

Here's a little peek into my IG post from Day 1:

📖 // DAY 1: STORY // 📖 Just after my oldest son was born, I found myself needing a creative outlet, needing something I could do “just for me.” My first thought was scrapbooking, and I wanted to buy a Cricut machine, but my husband wasn’t convinced that I’d actually use it! (To be fair, he had good reason to be concerned— I had slowly amassed a collection of craft things that I never used!) I never could fully get into scrapbooking or other crafts, but I wanted to make something for my son’s first birthday party. With no Cricut machine for aid, I simply cut out letters and a banner my hand with a craft knife. Although it took me longer than it would have if I had had a Cricut machine, I found cutting by my hand to be immensely more satisfying! It was a challenge and yet relaxing at the same time. I loved it! So I started practicing with blank coloring pages. I researched, experimented, and just did it. After a little while, I started drawing my own designs to cut out. One day I thought, “This would make a lovely wedding gift” for some friends of mine who were getting married. So I made them something with their names, wedding date, and wedding location. They loved it! So I made another one for other friends who were getting married. And another one. (We had a lot of friends and family get married that year!) Eventually, I had this crazy little thought— “Maybe I could sell these?” That thought was planted, watered, and became a beautiful dream that is slowly growing to become 19 PAPER LANE.

I’m still learning, growing as an artist, and experimenting. But I’m defining my vision for my upcoming business and I’m loving every minute of it. It’s my hope that 19 PAPER LANE becomes a place to plant joy and cultivate gratitude through distinct home decor art and personalized, one-of-a-kind art that commemorates life’s milestones. I hope you find 19 PAPER LANE to be a lovely little place for papercut art.

📷: @starts_taking_shape Peter Mason on Unsplash.

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