Welcome to the New Site!

Welcome to 19 PAPER LANE! This is the new address for my little corner of the Internet. Come on in, take your coat off, and stay awhile. I hope you feel at home here.

A lovely little garden cottage that I imagine 19 PAPER LANE could look like, if it existed in the physical world and not just in cyberspace.

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Kristen Newcomer, the artist behind 19 PAPER LANE. I’m working on launching my art business (launching sometime in May 2020— stay tuned!). I make papercuts. If you’ve never heard of that, don’t worry, I hadn't either until only 2 years ago. It’s as simple as it sounds. I cut designs I’ve drawn out of paper. Sometimes I cut a whole design out of a single piece of paper, sometimes I build up layers, it all depends on what I’m making. The outcome of such a simple process can be intricate and, in my humble opinion, quite lovely. It takes a lot of patience and diligence to make all the small cuts required for detailed designs, but the result is worth the effort. (Plus, I find papercutting quite relaxing and therapeutic!)

I started making designs to celebrate milestones in my friend’s lives, mostly weddings, and more recently new baby gifts and nursery decor. My friends loved their personal designs so much that I decided to take the plunge this year and open up shop! I’m also trying new things this year, like simple little floral designs. Whether its a personalized piece to celebrate life’s milestones, or a simple pre-made piece for home decor, it's my hope that each design would bring joy into its new home.

So without further ado, welcome to the new home of 19 PAPER LANE. I hope you’ll take a look around and come back again soon.

My brand new logo! What do you think?

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